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My doctoral research was conducted at Trinity College Dublin and explored adolescent developmental events from a bio-psycho-social perspective and their impact across the lifespan.  I am currently working on a series of projects to disseminate my findings to inform policy and practice.

Research Interests:

Adolescent Development

Reproductive Health

Inclusion in Education and Society

Trauma-informed Practice

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Photo of the old library in Trinity College Dublin, featuring old books on a bookshelf

The Book

A definitive guide to grief and grieving...This book will help those who are grieving as well as the people who are supporting them understand how to navigate and communicate through grief and how to reach out to others 


Tracey Bleakley, CEO, Hospice UK

cover of a grief book

For all grief workers - practitioners, volunteers, friends and family - Caroline's narrative is a light to guide us through what can be the dark and confusing landscape of grief

Dr Jennifer Dayes, Counselling Psychologist


Does it matter if we use "battle" language when talking about cancer?

You would have to be avoiding all media not to be aware that the words “battle,” “fight,” “lost,” “won” etc. have become synonymous with the experience of cancer



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