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Welcome to my personal website.  Here you will find information about my academic interests, current research, and professional activities. 


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My doctoral research has explored adolescent developmental events from a bio-psycho-social perspective and their impact across the lifespan.  I'm fascinated by human behaviour and passionate about ethical research.

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The Book

A definitive guide to grief and grieving...This book will help those who are grieving as well as the people who are supporting them understand how to navigate and communicate through grief and how to reach out to others 


Tracey Bleakley, CEO, Hospice UK

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For all grief workers - practitioners, volunteers, friends and family - Caroline's narrative is a light to guide us through what can be the dark and confusing landscape of grief.

Dr Jennifer Dayes, Counselling Psychologist

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 "Back in 1983, I found myself in an office toilet cubicle miscarrying a 14 week old foetus.  I had no idea I was pregnant..."

"With so much being written about death, dying and bereavement recently, I feel that a post focussing on a more positive narrative might be helpful to counterbalance some of the predictions of negative grief outcomes during this very challenging year."


3rd September, 2021

ASDS 15th International Conference on the Social Context on Death Dying and Disposal  

Oral Presentation: Stigma, Silence, and Slut Shaming: the Female Experience of Babyloss during Adolescence


27th April, 2022
Manchester Metropolitan University

Invited Speaker: An exploration of female adolescent experiences of miscarriage and abortion from a bio-psycho-social perspective