I completed my doctoral thesis at Trinity College Dublin following independent research exploring the experiences of adolescent gestational, or neonatal, death from a bio-psycho-social perspective.  This has been an evolutionary career path which combines my voluntary work supporting the terminally ill, those experiencing anticipatory grief, and the bereaved, and my significant work experience in project management, HR, and Finance across all sectors, in both the UK and the US.  I am fascinated by human behaviour both individually, and within the bio-ecological systems, and passionate about ethical research and dissemination.

I am currently working on a research project at the University of Edinburgh investigating the impact of trauma informed practice within a police force, with particular attention to ACEs, and subsequent interactions with women detained in the custody suite.  I am also a member of the Inclusion in Education and Society (IES) research group at Trinity College Dublin, and a contributing member of the dissemination team for the Continuing Bonds Project at Bradford University.

Dissemination of my research has included keynote speeches, academic conference presentations, journal articles (under review), and I create and deliver workshops and training, both in person and virtually.  I was also invited to contribute to the 2022 Qingming Festival in China.   


I was commissioned to write Grief Demystified: An Introduction for Jessica Kingsley Publishers which was published worldwide in November, 2017.   It has been endorsed by several world renowned experts in grief such as Dr Colin Murray Parkes OBE, Prof Robert Neimeyer, and Prof Edith Maria Steffen.  It has also been endorsed by Hospice UK, the British Association of Social Workers, the Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal and is recommended reading on a multitude of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Dr Colin Murray Parkes OBE
Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Professor Henk Schut
Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Dr Debra Bassett
Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Professor Ken Doka
Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Professor Douglas Davies


Research Interests:

Abortion Rights

Adolescent Development

Death, Dying and Bereavement

Diversity and Inclusion


Post Traumatic Growth