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I am Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at Sexpression:UK (near peer sex education), a Mentor with One Million Mentors (adolescent mentoring), Bank Education and Wellbeing Specialist with Brook (sexual health advice to young people), a member of the Inclusion in Education and Society (IES) research group at Trinity College Dublin, and a Bank Tutor at Ulster University (psychology).   I have previously contributed to research projects at the University of Edinburgh, Bradford University, and the Open University.  I have also contributed to the Qingming Festival in China and the first Mental Health Carnival in Uganda. I also deliver training to corporate and other clients, and am currently working on several projects disseminating my research findings to inform policy and practice, so please get in touch if you have any specific training needs.   


I was commissioned to write Grief Demystified: An Introduction for Jessica Kingsley Publishers which was published worldwide in November, 2017.   It has been endorsed by several world renowned experts in grief such as Dr Colin Murray Parkes OBE, Prof Robert Neimeyer, and Prof Edith Maria Steffen.  It has also been endorsed by Hospice UK, the British Association of Social Workers, the Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal and is recommended reading on a multitude of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional training courses.

Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Dr Colin Murray Parkes OBE
Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Professor Henk Schut
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Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Professor Ken Doka
Photo of Caroline Lloyd with Professor Douglas Davies
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