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Endorsed by Professor Robert Neimeyer, Director of the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition and one of the world's foremost authorities on bereavement and grief.

Endorsed by the UKs leading bereavement charity, Cruse Bereavement Support, in their Top 10 favourite books on grief and loss.




"Disseminating from academic research, Grief Demystified tells you what you need to know about grief from world renowned experts.  This book is the perfect introduction for anyone who works with or supports the bereaved, as well as anyone who is bereaved and seeking more knowledge.


It explains the history of grief theory and why people still mistakenly think certain things such as "you will get over it'" and other commonly mistaken myths.  There is a chapter on what to say (and not to say) to the bereaved, a chapter explaining complicated grief,  explanations on why the death of a child is different, how the internet is affecting the bereaved, and more research based information. The book also has easy to understand diagrams, illustrative pictures, and a list of reputable organisations for further information.

Being able to offer support to the bereaved is an important part of many frontline professions such as psychologists, teachers, funeral directors, counsellors,  medical professionals, social workers and many more. Yet very little contemporary empirical information has reached frontline professions; this book seeks to redress this imbalance."

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